Monthly Archives: June 2012

The results are in….

Last week I got my results.  I have a 2.1 BSc Honours degree in Applied Social Sciences (Criminology).  Fantastically I got a first in my dissertation.

I feel great.

Today I have an interview for a placement on a Ph.D. scholarship programme.

Wish me luck.



Its been a long time since I last blogged.  Rather a lot has happened.  I rewrote, re-wrote, read, re-read, drafted and re-drafted my dissertation.  it has to be one the best pieces I have ever written, I am waiting to get my mark and comments back for it.  I studied for and finished my exams and am just waiting on the results.  I applied for a scholarship to study web science at masters and phd level, I am waiting to hear back from that.

I wish I was that skinny

So, a lot of waiting.  I am now pondering what to fill my days with to stop me eating not only my fingernails, the skin around my fingers but my whole hand as well.  I am going to do some extra hours at work.  I will also be doing some voluntary work when my security checks have been complete (I have been accepted as a prison volunteer at the local prison).  I will also be losing 2 stone (pure fantasy, no matter how hard I try!).  I will also be doing the usual family stuff which mainly involves drinking coffee and refereeing arguments.

I am more nervous about hearing about the application for the web science phd.  I believe I have done enough to get a 2.1 in my B.Sc..  Unless something disastrous has happened I will be fine.  I am worried about the application as in order to continue my studies I need to win a scholarship, and the competition for those is intense.  I have a good research proposal (a big thanks to my friends for their help) and am very hopeful.  I just hope the other applicants are rubbish.

I’ll get back to you when I have some news.