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I love you because……

I have many heroes.  I love Tank Girl.  Intelligent, funny, sexy and all female she ticks all the boxes for all the things I want to be.  As I stomp around in my Doc Martens, shorts and leather jacket I hope that I look like her just a little bit.  What do you think?

Perhaps I am guilty of wishful thinking, but at least she has a figure that is humanly possible.

So this post is about the people who have inspired me.  They are listed in no particular order and limited to 10.

2. Courtney Love

Whats not to love?  She is gorgeous, talented and everything I wanted to be when I was a teenager.  Plus she married Kurt Cobain, another hero of mine.  It was as if my two favourite people had got together   If neither of them were going to marry me, I could be consoled with the fact they had each other.

3.  Cleopatra

A strong woman who ruled.  She rocks.  Not afraid to use her sexuality to get what was best for her country and people.  Plus, had to deal with a bunch of loser men (who hasn’t?)

4. Shakespeare

His works are brilliant, they move me.  They reflect what I feel.  Pure genius.  Plus he met the Doctor.

5. Minne the Minx

Feisty, fun and disrespectful   She got away with so much.  Also kinda sexy.  I wanted her to get with Dennis the Menace  in the same way I was pleased Kurt and Courtney got married.

6.  Ada Lovelace

First computer programmer.  Intelligent woman of science (just like me!)

7.  Anne Boleyn

One of the first women I truly adored.  I could imagine her execution, her bravery, knowing her child would not have a mother.  Her story captured my imagination and I avidly read everything I could about the Tudors.  I wanted 6 fingers because of Anne.

8.  Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Another woman of science who brought to the west the Muslim concept of variolation.

image alt text

9.   Wilfred Owen

I love World War I poetry, and Wilfred Owen made me cry.  His poetry has also coloured my view of the armed forces for all my life.

10.   ET

Another intelligent being with a huge capacity to love.  Just not human.  First time I considered inter species marriage.


Last Wednesday I didn’t poison anyone.

I have just finished my last week at university before the Christmas break.  I met my deadlines, went to parties, did revision and took an exam.  I experienced delight when my essays and papers went in (woo hoo!) and underwent a shared feeling of relief when the timed class assessment (exam) was over.  The greatest relief and delight came on Wednesday night with the Web Science DTC team building event.

At the Southampton Park Hotel we arrived.  In teams we had to prepare, cook and serve ourselves a meal, all while drinking copious amounts of wine.  I am sad to say I discovered my inner Gordon Ramsey and I apologise greatly to my team mates fro my bad language and general bossiness.  Relief came when I realised our meal was going to be served on time an in the right order and the delight was apparent when I realised it was edible and no one was going to expire from food poisoning.

Our Menu

Starter – Twice baked cheddar cheese and chive Soufflé


Main Course – Puff pastry feuilletee case with glazed baby vegetables and chive beurre blanc with Boulangere Potatoes


Dessert – Chocolate roulade


Our teams were mixed up and I ended up socialising with people in different years of the Web Science iPhD.  I fought for oven space with lecturers, they got really cross when you wanted to cook your potatoes while they were baking their Soufflé.  Talk about oven Nazi.

The people in the years above me no longer seem so scary.  In fact, they seem quite approachable, friendly and their offers to help seem quite genuine.

For every reason this night was a success for me.  A big thanks to everyone who made it so.

That End of Term feeling.

Its nearly the end of my first semester for the Masters in Web Science.  I have assignments to hand in and exams to take before it all ends.  I want to use the holiday period productively and get on with all the stuff that needs doing.

I am feeling great about this semester.  A lot has occurred.  New stuff, people and experiences.  Everyone is so nice!

I am still feeling confident, I trust in my abilities and instincts.  I know I can make a good attempt at this.

There are a number of Christmas parties and events to go to.  There are presents to buy, people to see and catch up with.  There will be News Year Eve (which I adore) and all it entails.  Saying goodbye to the old year, letting go of people, events and situations.  It can be sad, a time for mourning but this year I have a feeling the ghosts will be silent and I will only feel expectation for the new year.

I am happy.  I am loved and I love. All is good.