Monthly Archives: February 2013

Reflections on Semester 1

I got my exam results today.  Like every student in the whole of time and history I was a little worried.  I had no expectations, I had no idea what I was going to get.

My first semester was great.  I love the people on my course.  I love the lecturers.  I am really enjoying the work.  We have had some great days out.  I took part in the Web Science Industry Forum and met the most interesting people.  For me, the best part was talking to the PhD students and actually understanding what it was they were talking about.  It was amazing to know what they meant when they talked about Semantic Web.  I also attended a lecture by Daniel J Weitzner which I was also able to understand, much to my amazement.

I am looking forward to the Headley Park Challenge in March, which will be an opportunity to get to know the other Web Scientists a little better.

Back to my exam results.  I did much better than I thought I had.  I have high hopes for what I can achieve in the next two semesters.

Life is wonderful.