Monthly Archives: March 2013

Easter, Chocolate and University.

I am currently in the middle of the Easter holiday. This means there is no lectures but my work load has increased ten fold, especially as I am trying to track down the best deals in chocolate eggs. This holiday I need to write some decent essays and get on with some work for my Masters Dissertation. I also need to think seriously about an ontology for television programs.

I began the holiday by spending three days at Headley Park where I underwent a management/team building exercise. I was very dubious and unsure before we left. I did not want to spend three days outside in the snow up to my chest in water chanting team building slogans. I packed rum and chocolate in order to get me through the ordeal. I had an amazing time. I was in a team with people I did not know (I followed them on twitter, but had never spoken face to face), and first thing had to get up close and personal by squeezing together and balancing. There was also a lot of blindfolded groping. All in all I had an amazing time and would recommend the experience to anyone. My team were lovely, all great people and when the time came to giving me feedback on my skills (or lack of them) I found I could have cried from all the nice things they were saying about me. When we left the hotel I wanted to take my team home with me and feed them nice stuff. The most amazing thing was I found myself showing them pictures of my kids. I never show people my kids, I am not interested in other peoples children so why should I inflict my kids on others? I have very few pictures of them on my phone, and yet here I was sharing pictures of my scruffy offspring. I am not sure why. Another surprising outcome was how little I went online or looked at my phone. I was too involved in what I was doing to do so. This surprised me.

The most beneficial outcome for me and my offspring was a surprising one. My youngest broke his collar bone while I was away and of course the school phoned me to tell me he needed picking up and taking to the hospital. Being miles away I tried very hard not to panic and let the adults at home deal with it. Although I could have gone home at any time I decided not to. I spoke to my son and he was happy for me to continue. It was a hard decision, I am used to being the one to sort everything out and make everything better. It was the right decision, my son’s father dealt with the issue as competently as I could, and we both learned a lesson. I learned I am not the only one who can do things and he learnt he can deal with the bad stuff as well as I can. My son found out Dad is as good as Mum in a crisis. In all, we coped.

First week of the Easter holiday saw me giving a presentation at CAS Wessex, a colleague and I talked about the importance of Web Science and how it can be included as part of the National Curriculum.  I thoroughly enjoyed this event, especially the live tweeting.  We had lots of positive feedback for what we presented, and the resources that were put together by the talented Web Scientists in the DTC made our life much easier.

Right now I am writing an essay on Qualitative Research Methods and a group interdisciplinary essay and an ontology for Television Listings.  Any help?