Monthly Archives: May 2013

Exam Time.

Its that time of year again.

I am busy getting in my final assessment pieces.  I have two to go.  Roughly 5 pages.  2500 words.  Then I have exams.  I have started ‘mild’ revision, which means I am reading and thinking stuff like “Wow, that’s interesting.” Then promptly spend more time reading around that subject and forgetting about what I should be revising.  I am not frantically filling my head with facts yet and hoping that I will remember them in order to shove them on an exam paper and gain extra marks.

So far I have been really happy with my results.  All of the modules have been fascinating and led me to look deeper into other areas.  I am slightly concerned with how I am going to write the dissertation by September, but I am sure it will come together.  The support from the lecturers here in the Web Science DTC is phenomenal, so is the help and advice given by the PhD students as well as the members of my cohort.  I feel this is a group effort!

Semantic Web has been an eye-opener for me.  I did not expect it to be as much fun as it has been.  It has led me to try my hand at other things.  I have been messing about with designing a website in php with an sql database.  The most amazing thing was it all worked, even if it did look a bit basic.  Semantic Web has awoken my love of techie stuff and I have spent some really great hours being all geeky.

I attended the Solent Business Directors Dinner on the 18th April.  This was a highly enjoyable event, I spoke to a number of people who were interested in my research and what I wanted to do with it.  It is great to know that my research interests do not just appeal to academics but that other people can see a real life application for them.

If you get chance, check out the blog posts from Social Networking Technologies group, I am a critical friend to these highly intelligent people.

Back to the revision…….