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Exam results and all good things

Got my exam results today.  I like them.

I have supervisors for my dissertation.  I also like them.

I have a title and a plan of sorts.  I will be spending the summer reading, reading, reading with some writing thrown in for good measure.

Good luck to all the other MScers over the summer, I hope I get to see one or two of you over the summer, keep chatting in the Facebook group, I enjoy keeping up with you all.  Well done on your exam results too, they were great, I knew we could do it (apart from that half hour before social networking technologies exam when I really thought I had lost my entire brain).

Best of luck to the new intake, it has been great getting to know a couple of you already.  If you have half as much fun as I have had this last year then you will be in for a really great time.

Next items in my agenda is helping out on the University of Southampton open days.  I will be here on the 5th July answering question about the Web Science undergraduate course.  I just hope I can answer them intelligently.

I am also attending the The RCUK Digital Economy CDTs Summer Meeting 2013 in July, and will be blogging about my experiences there after the event.

Have a great summer.


Stress Free

My second semester exams were all packed into one week.  The first was an open book exam and preparing for it made my brain feel like it was going to split.  The same week I had an essay to write as well as revise for the next two exams.  I think the whole cohort found it difficult.  I can honestly say that these exams were the toughest I have ever taken and the preparation for them was very intense.   By the end of the week I was “tired and emotional” in more ways than one.

Sitting the Further Web Science exam was surreal.  I was amazed by how much I managed to read and make notes on in a week.  The amount of words I can write in a week is phenomenal.  As soon as the invigilator told us we could start the sound of keyboard striking was immense as immediately we all set to the task of discussing digital healthcare.  

Further Web Science Exam

Further Web Science Exam

The Semantic Web exam was tough.  I had to answer two question, one which I did really well and the other was a bit of a mess.  Thankfully, everyone had the same experience with the same question.

Social Networking Technologies was OK.  I had to answer four questions out of six and I did so with varying degrees of success.  I was too exhausted by this time to worry too much about how it went, although I did worry manically in the half hour before I went in.

After the exams we went out and had some fun, students from the other cohorts joined us and we celebrated.  I had so much fun and cannot thank the other students enough for being so nice and kind to me in my hour of need.   They really made the whole experience so much more bearable.  I hope that as a cohort we stay in touch and meet up regularly as we progress through the PhD.

The week after the exams I did nothing.  I did not turn on my laptop, I did not answer an email, I did nothing.  It was great.  The kids were away so the only thing I had to worry about was me.  The week made me so relaxed and made me feel human again.

I am back on the academic path again.  I have got two supervisors for my dissertation and have made a start on my reading.  I am really pleased with my subject and research aims and can’t wait to make a start on it.  Only two weeks ago in the state of mind I was in it seemed an impossible task, but now I think I will be able to write a decent dissertation.