Monthly Archives: September 2013

Next Steps

On the 6th September I handed in my masters dissertation.  I did it twice, because I forgot it had to be a PDF.  Its in, I have done my masters, I have finished with that stage of my life.  Time to take the next steps.  The only problem is I am not sure what the next steps are!

I know that I am changing building.  I will be leaving the fantastic coffee room of building 32 and heading out, but I am not quite sure where I am going to.   I believe I will be heading to Social Sciences as he school section on sussed has changed from ECS to SocSciNet, a pretty big hint I think.  I have finally got PGR tracker to work, and it just looks scary.  It has lots of forms on it.  It feels like I am in some kind of limbo, not sure what to do or where to go next.

While I am waiting for any instruction I am amusing myself with this  mainly because I am on it, looking just dreadful, but I was exam stressed at the time.

I am also amusing myself by building websites in PHP with MySQL.  Just for fun and because it looks all cool and stuff.

I am really looking forward to next Tuesday, and the Web Science buffet, always a great event.

I guess my next post will be when I get the results of my dissertation and a classification for my masters.  Here’s hoping it is soon.