Monthly Archives: December 2013

Blissful State of Mind

I am in China. I am in a very relaxed and happy state. There are two possible causes for this blissful state of mind.  Either I was in a dreadful air accident and I am actually dead and living cheerfully in heaven, or finally I have been recognised as the supreme being I always knew I was and I am being treated accordingly.

I am staying in the Marco Polo Hotel in Shenzhen, which is a glorious hotel.  The rooms are beautiful and the food is fantastic.  I feel like I am staying in a hotel from the 1950’s complete with Bell Hops, Concierge and beautiful, sweeping architecture.  A 1950’s hotel which comes with free broadband.   All the people we have net since we landed in Hong Kong have been very kind and pleasant, very eager to help.

I am in China as part of a research group with other PhD students from the Web Science DTC researching social machines and the Web observatory with students from the Graduate School at Tsinghua University.


The view from my room

The research we are engaged in is very exciting and is looking at how to visual data from twitter and Weibo in a meaningful manner taking into account not only quantitative but qualitative research methods.  I have tried out MongoDB and the php extension for Mongo, as well as having a go with some python scripts.

I have also had time to do some much needed housekeeping.  I cleaned out all my Hotmail contacts that I had not spoke to in the last six months.  I think I had some which I had never contacted.  I also downloaded Skype on my work laptop and deleted the many contacts from there that I did not want.  Jet lag can be productive.  I am glad I have done this as I have been promising myself that I would do so after I undertook a similar exercise with Facebook and twitter at the beginning of the year.  Facebook and twitter do not work in China.  luckily I have been able to contact my very good friend (who keeps me sane) through BBM.  I also have email to keep me in touch and I have been writing letters.

The week I get back I will have my graduation ceremony, which I am pleased for.  Expect the obligatory Facebook pictures. After that I will be busy with Christmas and all that entails.

Expect a post in New Year with all my latest DTC related news.