Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Good Sign

I haven’t posted here for a while, and that’s a good sign.  I use this blog to get my ideas flowing and my work done.  According to my lack of posting I must have been very productive since January.  Looking back at the impact tracker it seems as if I have been doing stuff.   I attended the Web Science event at the Royal Society.  I went to LA and took part in a Web Observatory Workshop (LA  WOW)

Doorway to the Royal Society in London


Big, gold thing in the Royal Society

LA was fantastic, hot and wonderful.  There was an earthquake when I was there, which was really exciting and my first.  The workshops were informative and very interesting.  It was while I was in LA that I understood what Web Observatory were.  The work that has been done in the University of Southampton is amazing.

The Plan that took me to LA

I have only seen these in films before.

A sabre toothed cat found in the La Brea tar pits.

LA is massive!

St Patrick’s day green pint of alcohol.

When I got back from LA, our team submitted a paper to the Web Science conference in Indiana based on the work we had done in China.  This was accepted as a poster and one member of our team could go to Indiana and present it.  In the end we flipped a coin for it, and sadly I did not win the toss.  The guy who is going will do really well and I know will present our poster in a really positive light.  I am so excited about this as it is my first publication!  I feel I have gained the immortality of a writer.

I am back in the office now, I have been doing the reading and writing, attending meetings and trying to stay focused.  I have undertaken some courses in order to help me stay on top of the PhD and keep myself organised.

This week I have started to slow down.  I need something to grab my attention and keep it.  I need to write a brief for the ethics committee to ensure that I can study what I want to study.  Every time I sit down to write it I find something else to do.

If anything, this is a blog post to myself to remind myself to keep on, to work hard and remember all the great stuff I have done and what is yet to come.