Removing posts from a revenge pornography Website – is it worth it?

From all the data I have collected I have been trying to determine a way which would accurately describe how quickly new posts to a revenge pornography website are consumed (by which I mean viewed) by the community who use a revenge porn Website.  Some posts gather large number of views.  It has been shown in previous blog posts that female depictions will attract more views than male depicted posts.

My previous posts have also described how some posts have been removed before I was able to collect a full months data on them.  In total 32% of the posts were removed and 68% remained live.  This has led me to wonder if the people in the posts that were removed were better off than those in the posts that remained live, as their pictures had been removed and were no longer able to be seen.

Obviously, once a post has been removed it can no longer be seen and commented on.  However, if material to the Website is consumed quickly and the majority of views happen in a relatively short time, then in order to reduce harm to the person depicted in the post speed is also very important.  If the majority of views happen in a short space of time, then it is probable that this is when the material is more likely to be downloaded and shared.

In order to investigate this further I took the total data for the all the current posts and and worked out the mean view per hour.  I then highlighted the percentiles (25%, 50% and 75%) and the hour that the percentile was reached.  I did the same for male and female data.  Here are the results.

Hour Percentiles Reached 
Gender 25% 50% 75%
Male 12 35 139
Female 9 22 64
All 9 23 72

New content is quickly consumed, and it would appear that posts depicting females are more quickly consumed than those depicting males.

Once material has been posted without consent then it is quickly consumed and presumably distributed within the revenge pornography community, suggesting that posts need to be removed as quickly as possible in order to reduce harm.


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