Revenge Pornography and Qualitative Methods.

For this stage of my PhD I have gone as far as I can with the statistical analysis that I have been doing.  I am now concentrating on the qualitative research aspect of my PhD.

The piece of work I am currently working on for my PhD is my upgrade.  A PhD is not simply sitting down for a number of years and reading and writing stuff.  There are a number of targets that need to be met along the way, one of which is the PhD upgrade process.  It involves producing a kind of mini thesis and facing an examiner.

I have submitted to my supervisors a rough plan detailing how I think my upgrade document will progress over the next few months.  It will involved some of the data analysis I have already done, plus the qualitative methods that I am currently working on.

I have identified three posts to the revenge pornography website during my data collection and I have identified various themes within the three posts.  These are;

  • Power – expectation by the uploader of a loss of power on behalf of the woman when exposed on the site.
  • Sexual activity of women identified as wrong – words like slut, whore, skank and prostitute used to describe the women.
  • ex partners – all of the three posts were posted by an ex partner.
  • revenge – act of revenge on behalf of the uploader.
  • Women as emotionless and using sex for material gain.

The comments made to the posts are also being analysed and so far have also identified numerous themes.  The most prevalent of these being commentary on the woman’s appearance, something which I will discuss more in my next blog post.


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